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Entrepreneurs bring immense enthusiasm to their business endeavors. That enthusiasm should be met with practicality and protection for your investment and business interests. Whether you’re the sole owner of an SMB or part of the management for a company or association, REA Law is prepared to offer proven, high-quality service for your individual and business goals.

To get started, please contact REA Law in Reno, Sparks, and Northern Nevada by calling 775-353-6611 today. Attorney Raymond E. Areshenko also has offices in California. Call 916-800-6090 for service in and around the Northern California area.

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Business Formation

The creation of any business comes with a number of questions, including (to name a few):

  • Should I be a sole proprietor, take on partners, or work with investors?
  • Should I form an LLC or do business as a sole proprietor under a different name?
  • Should I trademark the name of my business?
  • What laws and regulations do I need to know about as I get my business underway?
  • What licenses do I need to set up my business?
  • Should I incorporate my business in Nevada?
  • What fees should I expect from the state as I start my business?
  • How does business structure affect my tax liability?
  • What should I include in contracts?

At REA Law, we know that business formation is serious business. Attorney Ray Areshenko helps individuals and small businesses in matters such as mergers, acquisitions, and transactions involving business assets.

Business Contracts

Contracts are a critical part of the business world. From employment offers to real estate deals to third-party agreements to the sale and purchase of companies and their assets, you need qualified counsel to help you navigate contract law. This is especially true in the event of a dispute.

REA Law helps you understand your obligations and protects your interests through personalized service during:

  • Contract drafting: Contracts need to be written in a clear and precise fashion. If you require a contract establishing the terms of a business agreement, Mr. Areshenko can draft the verbiage so it effectively details provisions such as:
    • The role of each party named in the contract
    • The rights of the parties named in the contract
    • The obligations of each party in the contract
    • The performance or deliverables required of each party
    • Liquidated damages, in the event of a breach of terms in the contract
    • The deadline in which the transaction is expected to occur
  • Contract reviewing: Whether you worked with another attorney on a contract or want to make sure the terms of one tendered to you by another party are fair and reasonable, REA Law undertakes contract reviews that put your business needs first.
  • Contract negotiations: The negotiation process is your opportunity to argue for terms in the contract that are favorable to your business goals. Mr. Areshenko works with you and your partners one-on-one to develop an effective bargaining position and create a strategy to reach your goals.
  • Due diligence review: Before signing a business contract, it is important to investigate the validity of information presented by the other party. It is the ultimate example of taking action on the old adage: “Let the buyer beware.”
    • Ex: Say that you are in the process of acquiring another company; before signing the final agreement, you want to ensure that the valuation, assets, and other material the company being sold presents is true. Due diligence investigation will help you ascertain that the information presented by the other party is accurate.

Any lawyer can understand the language in a contract, but it requires experience and hands-on service to apply knowledge of your business to the drafting, review, negotiation, and due diligence of the contract process. At REA Law, we work to gain your trust and serve your best interests. In the event of a breach of contract or other dispute, our dedication to your company continues should you need assistance with litigation.

"We were initially planning to go through with the transaction with no attorney at all. So glad we did not! Ray got involved, analyzed our situation, and negotiated our partners' attorney to structure a deal that put us in what I feel was a much better place than we otherwise would have been. In fact, during closing our (former) partners complimented us on him having found and resolved issues that their own attorney had not considered even though the other attorney had formed the partnership and LLC in the first place!" - Anonymous, Avvo Review

Business Torts & Litigation

Disputes can take many different forms in the commercial arena. Sometimes these disputes occur within a business or corporation, while at other times they involve multiple businesses and/or other parties.

You may have a claim for legal action in the event of:

Contract Disputes

Breach of contract occurs when one party fails to meet its obligations according to the terms of the agreement. This could be a business-to-business dispute, or a dispute arising between you and other members of your business’s leadership. No matter who’s involved, though, it benefits you to have an experienced lawyer who can protect your interests and, if possible, resolve the dispute with minimal interruption to your business affairs..

Disputes can arise before a contract is signed due to:

  • Drafting errors
  • Disagreements on review
  • Lack of clarity on terms or language within the contract
  • Onerous or unenforceable provisions
  • Excessive amounts specified in liquidated damages clauses

To prevail in a contract dispute, the terms of the contract must be found by the court to be enforceable. REA Law brings extensive experience to business contract cases, and we can help with disputes arising before the contract is signed and after the fact. Contact us for qualified legal assistance today.

Fraud & Misrepresentation

Due diligence is a crucial part of contract negotiations because it allows both parties to verify the information provided by the other party. However, what if the other party deliberately provided false information that you only uncover after you’ve entered into a business agreement?

Fraud is not a simple error or omission. It is withholding material information that may have influenced your business decisions. In some cases, the court might find the misrepresentation so egregious that it nullifies the validity of the contract in part or in whole.

In the event of fraud and misrepresentation, you may be entitled to collect damages for real and projected losses you suffer as a result of the deception. Attorney Raymond E. Areshenko can help you pursue the full compensation you deserve.

Partnership Disputes

Disagreements between you and your business partners can create a significant disruption to your bottom line. You and your partners may reach an impasse in matters such as:

  • Allocation of assets and liabilities
  • Liability in the event of a lawsuit
  • Renegotiation of partnership contracts
  • Division of client lists
  • Unanticipated ambiguity in provisions of your partnership agreement
  • The addition of new partners
  • The buyout of partners wishing to leave the company

Some partnership disputes will ultimately be resolved in court, but your case isn’t automatically destined to go before a judge. Some contracts include clauses requiring disputes to go to arbitration. Others can be resolved via mediation or arbitration entered into voluntarily by the opposing parties.

"Ray was a very knowledgeable and detailed professional. I was very impressed with the fact that he turned what could have been a stressful transaction into a great experience for everyone involved." - Tia, Avvo Review

During your consultation with REA Law, attorney Ray Areshenko will discuss your full range of legal options, including mediation, arbitration, and litigation, to resolve your partnership dispute quickly without putting your business interests in jeopardy.

Incorporation in Nevada

When it comes to the cost of starting a business, not every state is equal. Some states impose significant taxes and fees in order to get your business off the ground. Nevada, however, is among the most business-friendly states in the country.

One factor that makes Nevada so favorable to businesses is the absence of state corporate income tax and franchise tax. Businesses that register in Nevada are subject to some taxes and fees, but these are minimal compared to the money businesses incorporated in many other states have to pay each year. What’s more, Nevada does not have an agreement to share information with the Internal Revenue Service.

Company leadership also enjoys extensive personal liability protection in Nevada. Should partners in the company conduct business lawfully, there is an extremely low likelihood that the principals will become personally liable in the event of litigation against the business.

Why Choose REA Law for Your Business Law Case

Attorney Raymond E. Areshenko is licensed to practice law in both Nevada and California. He started his career handling contracts and business formation matters, and he continues to provide knowledgeable, honest service to businesses in both states. Our business clients often treat Mr. Areshenko as a trusted member of their management team and seek his advice on a regular basis.

In California, Mr. Areshenko has been included in the Super Lawyers Rising Star list in the business litigation category. He provides dedicated, hands-on attention to each business owner’s goals.

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