What to Do After a Car Accident?


What to do after a car accident?
Every accident is different, so the circumstances will dictate precisely what you want to do.
In general, however, the first thing to do is remove yourself from danger.
The second thing is to address any medical concerns and make sure you call 911 if you need to.
Call 911 if there's any sort of really traumatic injury.
That, of course, needs to be addressed first.
The next thing you'll want to do is make sure things are documented.
You want to document the location of the incident.
If you have a camera or a smartphone with a camera, get pictures of the incident in the area.
Get pictures of the other vehicle and the general area surrounding the incident so so it gives an idea of how it occurred.
You want to get pictures of the license plates of both vehicles or any other vehicles involved, pictures of the other party, copies of driver's licenses, phone numbers, the full names, insurance information for all the parties, and those sort of things.
And, again, every accident can be a little different, and you just have to do the best you can.
In an ideal situation, you will get all of those things.
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