Train Crashes & Railroad Accidents


Officially founded amid the spread of transcontinental railroad travel in the 1800s, trains continue to be a major factor in the history and development of Reno. In fact, the Amtrak station in downtown Reno was listed in the National Register for Historic Places in 2012.

Trains are impressive vehicles. However, they can also be instruments of severe bodily injury and death when involved in an accident with a motor vehicle. If you were injured or a family member was killed in a train accident in Reno- Sparks, or throughout Nevada, REA Law can help. Call 775-353-6611 for a free case evaluation today.  REA Law also has offices in Sacramento servicing the greater Northern California area.  For cases in California, call 916-800-6090.

Injuries in a Train Accident

train crash with carTrains weigh hundreds of thousands of pounds. In a contest between a train and any passenger vehicle unlucky enough to be in its path, the train will always win.

Catastrophic injuries are almost inevitable in a train collision with another vehicle, including:

  • Amputation of limbs
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Back and neck injuries, including serious whiplash, disc injury, and damage to the spinal cord
  • Bone fractures
  • Internal organ injury

Injuries in a train accident are not confined to the people in another vehicle. Pedestrians on or near the track and passengers aboard the train can also be seriously hurt, especially in the event of a derailment. When one or more train cars careen off the track during an accident, even motorists in nearby vehicles are in danger.

All of these parties may be eligible for compensation via a train accident claim for the injuries they’ve suffered. If your loved one was hit by a train or traveling on a train that was involved in an accident and died as a result of their injuries, REA Law can pursue a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of your family.

Liability in Train Accident Cases

Not all accidents can be blamed exclusively on the engineer driving the train. Although in many cases the engineer is responsible for failing to avoid an accident, train accident claims can involve multiple parties.

When you contact REA Law, attorney Raymond E. Areshenko will conduct a full investigation into the injuries you have suffered and what caused the train to crash. This investigation may uncover negligence on the part of the railroad company, including:

  • Failure to observe and train employees to follow safety protocols
  • Failure to provide adequate signage and warning devices at railroad crossings
  • Failure to maintain the train, the tracks, and/or safety signs and technology

Trains are governed by the Federal Railroad Administration. That means, like with trucking accidents, that train accident claims are complicated by a mix of state laws, federal regulations, and the financial interests of major railroads and large insurance companies.

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