About Ray Areshenko


My name is Ray Areshenko. I'm an attorney with REA Law. We operate in Reno and Newport Beach and Sacramento. I went to Pepperdine Law School, class of 2013.

Before that, I was an army officer and aviator. So in the military, I went to flight school in 2003. I eventually graduated as a Blackhawk aviator after about a year and a half of a challenging flight school, and I flew the Black Hawk for about 700-800 hours, most of that during a couple of tours in Iraq where I logged over 500 combat hours and flew several deployments in Iraq. 

Before that, I went to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelor of Science for professional aeronautics. I am married with a young daughter and currently live in Reno. I went to law school at Pepperdine University because it's a great campus, a great environment, and great people. They were also very friendly with veterans. Pepperdine is a very veteran-friendly campus, and of course, the location on the hill in Malibu overlooking the ocean can't be beaten.

I decided to practice in Reno because I enjoy Nevada, and I grew up was born and raised in Sacramento and Reno is nearby and I just loved the area. I love Lake Tahoe. I spent a lot of time there and I just love being here.

The most difficult or rewarding thing I've accomplished would be the first thing would probably be my family and after that as far as career-wise I'm very proud of my work in law, and I'm also very proud of going to flight school and becoming an army aviator and army officer and completing two combat tours in Iraq.

My areas of practice at REA Law are personal injury, business litigation, and along with some general practice. Our practice is unique because we have a very hands-on approach. A lot of other firms will use attorneys for intake and maybe a bit of file review, whereas here at REA Law we are very hands-on the entire way through it. Clients can always get a hold of us. We respond quickly and answer questions. If you have questions about any of our practice areas, feel free to contact me, Ray Areshenko, at REA Law. Our phone number is (775) 307-594, or visit our website at rea-law.com.