Catastrophic Injuries


Posted: June 03, 2020
There can be several factors that contribute to a motorcycle accident. Many of these are beyond the control of the rider. In fact, studies have found that a majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by the drivers of larger vehicles – often because they fail to see a motorcycle. Tragically, the… Read Full Post
Posted: May 20, 2020
There are many different types of brain injury and the type of injury you sustain will play a direct role in the length of time it takes to recover. Mild brain injury, such as concussion, may heal relatively quickly – perhaps in a matter of weeks – with few if any lasting complications. More… Read Full Post
Posted: April 22, 2020
The complications of spinal cord injury (SCI) depend both on the location and extent of the damage. Injury to the upper and mid-spine may result in a loss of sensation in the arms, legs, and trunk, while damage to any part of the spine can cause bowel and bladder dysfunction. Complete SCI may… Read Full Post
Posted: November 11, 2019
A severe injury can change your life in ways you weren't prepared for. Car accidents, slip-and-fall injuries, and other incidents can harm you physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. If your damages were caused by the actions or negligence of another person, you may be able to recover… Read Full Post